Alyce Marie - Private Sessions

Sessions with Alyce are gentle and the client feels at ease. The results are life-changing and profound. Many clients have asked, "Can it really be this easy?" Sessions flow between states of deep meditation and conversation. Alyce offers one-time session options and package options. Sessions bundled into a package are for individuals dedicated to major life transformation. They receive full support between sessions so availability is limited.

12 weeks - Partnership to Greatness
8 weeks - Freedom
4 weeks - Up and Running
2 weeks - Clear the Path

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Alyce.

Current prices for a single session are:
90 minutes = $175
60 minutes = $125
30 minutes = $75

Alyce works with clients over the phone by appointment only. Sessions are conducted with the intention of creating real life changes from the very first appointment. These sessions do not replace medical care, but can balance and empower the client's journey to well-being in all areas of life.

Every session is an avenue for the individual to create a stronger connection to their own guidance. Alyce works from the belief that each person is empowered and connected to Source.


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