Alyce Marie

If you are ready to make peace with yourself, your relationships, your career path, your world - right now - contact Alyce for a deeper understanding and experience of the peace that already lives within you. Discover deep stillness and clarity for the first time or utilize tools to keep them as close as your next breath.

If you are ready to claim you well-being in all areas of life, including your physical health and emotional health - contact Alyce. If you are ready to discover who you were intelligently designed and created to be - contact Alyce for an experience of your original design which is joy and bliss. If you are ready to celebrate life - you've come to the right place.

Alyce works with the individual in sessions that include all areas of life: health, well-being, prosperity, fears, phobias, career, relationships.

Alyce works with groups in guided meditations and talks that open the dynamics of collective transformation.

Testimonials from Alyce's clients.

Comments from Alyce's clients and students.

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