Alyce Marie - Introduction

Change Is One Belief Away® - your life can transform by changing one belief. Your belief system is as unique as you are. Alyce offers classes and sessions that honor you, your history, your path and your dreams.

Alyce teaches many classes based on her studies in India at the Oneness University, with James Twyman at The Beloved Seminary, and Vianna Stibal at Think (ThetaHealing®). Her courses and events include: ThetaHealing® certification courses, Oneness Awakening courses, Oneness Blessings (deeksha) circles, Chakra Dhyana meditations, Angel Ceremony (the angel within), Journey into the Crystal, Chakra Blossoms™, and Guided Meditations. The common theme of all events is that the individual and group experience peace and awareness that has lasting impact. Alyce gives talks and classes ranging from 30 minute intros to 3 day intensives.

Whether teaching a class or during an individual session, Alyce acts as a guide opening individuals to experience their own truth. This experience generates greater clarity for each person and their sacred life path. Clients and students experience change on many levels, discovering that freedom and joy is possible in every area of life.

Private sessions with Alyce flow between states of deep meditation and conversation focused on guiding the client to the freedom of peace and clarity. These sessions do not replace medical care, but can balance and empower the client's journey to well-being in all areas of life.

Alyce conducts private phone sessions by appointment only. Clients experience lasting results and gain tools that continue to empower them after the session is complete. Alyce focuses on helping the client discover and experience joy in their daily life. This happens as they are freed from attachment to the challenge (belief) that seems to block their well-being.

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