This page is dedicated, with deep gratitude, for everyone who has been part of my life journey. Some are easy to thank because you loved me easily and I loved you easily in return. Others are thanked on a spiritual level for all the challenges, pain and uncomfortable places we visited together. Because of these more challenging teachers, I have discovered the spaces that were closed off in order to "protect" myself. Once these spaces began to open, the lightness of being present and aware guides me deeper and deeper into experiences of calm, serenity, peace, joy and bliss. I am always grateful.

History of the Heart
A thankful heart is always full
An angry heart is always hungry - looking to feed its anger at someone elses' expense
and always their own as well
A thankful heart has enough to share
An angry heart keeps score
A thankful heart gives more than requested
An angry heart divides and conquers
A thankful heart sees our common ground
An angry heart is lonely, deep within, a victim needing someone to blame
A thankful heart is fulfilled, deep within, free from blame towards others or self
An angry heart cries out for help
A thankful heart answers

-- Copyright Alyce Payne © 2010


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